Saturday, 13 August 2011

Barry M nail paints.

Hi guys!

My name is Florence and welcome to my blog. this is my first post and it's about Barry M nail paints.

I have picked y 4 favourites of my own collection (which is about 12 - there are 55+ in the actual Barry M collection, which i hope to one day own!)

These are my 4 faves. from left to right, they go:
308 - Berry ice cream.
This colour is a gorgeous colour for summer, and is a pale purple. it has no shimmer and is absolutely divine. I'd say you'd need 2 coats of this nail polish. And i always recommend a base coat (Barry M do a perfect one - £2.99 as usual - bargain!), so as not to stain your nails.

273 - Raspberry.
A dark and classic red, this colour is extremely elegant and looks great on short or long well cared for nails. This i would definitely suggest 2 coats.

310 - Mushroom.
This colour is a "marmite" colour i would guess. you either love it or you hate it. It's a great dupe of Chanel's colour "mushroom" and is totally gorgeous. For me, i find with this colour that 1 coat is enough.

and finally, my new edition, and already a favourite;

161 - Vivid Purple.
A beautiful deep purple with a perfect shimmer, this colour will suit just about anyone and makes your nails look almost "nebula-esk", as a space scene looks.

At £2.99 in most drugstores, and offten a 2 for £4.99 offer - where can you go wrong? i strongly suggest you check out your nearest Superdrug or Boots and try a Barry M nail paint.